Thursday, December 22, 2011

The First Post for a New Frontier

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I happen to be a woman who loves both the science fiction and fantasy genre. And I am not alone.  Female fans are becoming more and more vocal about their love for the genre.  Most notably are Ashley Eckstien, Emma Caulfield, Rosario Dawson, and Aisha Tyler.  Heck, even one of my favorite satirical bloggers, The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson) , is a SciFi fan and she recently became a whovian!  That's a Doctor Who fan for those of you that don't know.

Tenth Doctor and Companions!!!

Now me, I'm not an obsessive fan.  Some of my friends might think so, but honestly, I neither need nor want the life sized bust of Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix.  It just doesn't go with my decor!!!  I'm not a gamer.  I'm not very good at them, unless it is Mario Bros for the original NES (I still have mine) so I tend to leave it to those to the people who are.  I do not obsess over the latest episode of The Walking Dead, but I might over Doctor Who.  I'm not a convention goer or cos player-I can't afford the first and I don't have the energy to devote to the second. 

I am just a girl from Memphis, TN who loves science fiction. 

Some of my first memories involving science fiction are sitting with my parents on Saturday nights to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wesley Crusher was my first nerd girl crush.  Followed shortly by Lt. Commander Data, and Will Riker of course.  Then I found out that LeVar Burton, the host of one of my all time favorite shows, Reading Rainbow, was Geordi La Forge and my whole life changed.  Especially when Reading Rainbow aired the episode about the special effects used on ST:TNG.

I realized that the people on the television were actors, and not real.  Of course, that also broke my heart.  There went my dreams of exploring the Gamma quadrant with Captain Jean Luc Picard.  And that's where having an active imagination and ADD came in handy.  I could travel with that great Captain of Captain's to fight off the borg, have a party with Q (you know you want to), have Warf teach me to use a Bat'leth, be Deanna's best friend, and learn from Dr. Crusher, all within the safety of my pillow forts and bed sheet tents. 

Star Trek, the Next Generation!!!

Now that being said, I also remember watching Star Wars with my father for the first time.  He gave me the original trilogy on VHS for my birthday one year, though I am pretty sure mom helped with that gift.  I still watch those old tapes.  Star Wars showed me something that I wasn't getting from the typical Disney Princess of the day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Animated Disney movies, Belle is my favorite princess, but Leia, well, she taught me alot. 

Star Wars!!!
 Leia taught me that you can stand up to oppression, that a woman doesn't have to be weak,  and that sometimes, you have to rescue the man yourself, especially when he gets himself frozen in carbonite.

Yes, I like both Star Trek and Star Wars.  There is nothing wrong with that.  No, really, there isn't.  I promise.  Although, if you walk into a room full of Star Wars fans and yell "I love Star Trek"  there is a chance that you might die.  Because some fans are crazy.  I'm crazy, but not like that. 

I also happen to be a fan of actual science.  You know, the study of...well...everything.  I love physics.  If I was any good at math, I would have been an astrophysicist.  But alas, I have no skill with numbers, so I just call myself a fan.  I wait with baited breath to find out if the Higgs Boson particle will be found by CERN's Large Hadron Collider.  I have a huge nerd crush on Dr. Brian Green.

Dr. Brian Greene and his recent Nova series The Fabric of the Cosmos
I also love biology, but physics is cool.  Kinda like bow ties.

So yeah, be prepared.  This isn't going to be your typical nerd style blog.  But it just might be fun to read.

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