Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hellfire Club: The Black Queen

This collection was inspired by one of the oddest members of the Marvel universe.  A psychic vampire who is 17,000 years old and is a sometimes member of the Hellfire Club.

Selene- The Black Queen.

Hellfire Club: The Black Queen

Got to say though, I love those shoes.  Because shoes!!!!

This dress may be the most clothing that Selene has seen in her many, many years.

The Hellfire Club-featured Villian- the Black Queen.

Selene dresses like a dominatrix, so of course, I went with leather.  It needs to be asked, but wouldn't you be cold in that outfit?  She often wore it outside, in NYC, in the winter!!!!    Yes, I know she is just a comic book character, but still.  Anyone who wears less clothes than Wonder Woman has to be a villain.  Superpower: staying warm in lingerie.  

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