Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Trek Fashion

I must confess that I am a Star Trek fan.  I am not a pointy ear wearing, Klingon speaking fan, but I do love the show.  I love that Gene Roddenberry painted a hopeful vision for the future were all nations where united.  I also love that this almost Utopian view of the future still had conflicts which helped to show humanities shortfalls.  Science Fiction-the Genre that shows us how to be better.  Gotta love it.

So, today's collection is inspired by Star Trek.  I was playing around on Think Geek last night and stumbled across this t-shirt dress.  The dress is supposed to be for a Halloween costume/convention floor type occasion, but why does that have to be the only time you can wear it? 

I don't think it does.  Throw a cute sweater over it, some leggings under it, some adorable boots and bam!  Outfit to go do stuff in.  I threw in a blue watch and a yellow bangle as a nod to the other uniform colors from the Trek that the person wearing the red dress doesn't get dead. 

Don't be ashamed to show you inner Trekker.  Feel free to wear the dress all year long! 

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